Natural home grown wool produced by Shetland sheep


4-month old lambs

Shetland wool is very soft and fine, with one of the widest ranges of natural colors of any sheep in the world. Most Shetland sheep are a single color however some have exciting marking patterns. Some are snow white while others are various shades of silvery gray to coal black. Still others are shades of brown ranging from a light champagne color through medium brown to a dark Hershey bar color.

Shetland fingering weight yarn
Natural gray, black and camel. Some skeins are overdyed.
Available in two ounce skeins (266 yards).

Shetland sport weight yarn
Natural white skeins as well as hand dyed skeins.
Available in two and four ounce skeins.

Please call 360.327.3630 for availability and to place an order.

Note: Due to variations within and between fleeces (and computer monitors!), colors might not be exactly as illustrated. When placing an order, be sure to order enough yarn to complete your project so that all skeins come from the same dye lot. Each lot is an original color which can be repeated but is never exactly the same.